Monday, July 16, 2012

Some things I remember: Fall on Monte Sano

This is the first time I've opened this blog in ages, so I was quite shocked to see it still getting a few hits each day. I am going to try to breathe some new life into it, or at least update more frequently. Things have come a long way since the last post, Quakes of Faith, but that's a story for a time when my fingers feel like doing a dirge on the keyboard:

For now, here's a thing I remember:

 Collecting Acorns at Monte Sano Elementary:

I remember I loved Monte Sano playground in the fall. There was a fetid, smoky, earthy scent in the air like smoldering wet wood that I can smell even as I type. The oak trees were tall and thick with gnarled roots that become cupboards and hiding places for shiny green acorns. We liked to collect as many acorns as we possible during recess time. We would fold up the hems of our shirts to carry them back to the nooks of the tree roots, where we'd dump them in a big pile.

I'll bet we really made some squirrel's day.

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