Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reason #52 My Husband Might Divorce Me

Meals like this one:

My poor, meat-starved husband had no idea that he'd walk in the front door and instantly be transported back to the childhood horror of seeing waaaaaay too much green on your plate and not enough crispy, brown nuggety things.

Meals like this usually abound after I come back from Alabama, Thanksgiving or Christmas and have to punish myself for detox from all the delicious, rich food, wine and other vices I indulged in while visiting.

Do you know how good I felt after this meal? Flipping awesome! Mentally I was supercharged. Physically I was rather bloated, as you can probably imagine. In fact, I believe there may have been a small spike in atmospheric methane levels in Olmsted County late that night. Check the charts.

Anyhow, weekends are for meat, wine and dessert. Weekdays are for maintaining the illusion of health.

*One final note to really sink this ship, the potatoes are roasted and the veggies are all lightly steamed in order to preserve their vitamins and nutrients. No salt. That's right, folks, Phil doesn't even get the benefit of tender, salty broccoli. I am mean. Mean, mean, mean.


  1. Colorful and lovely! But did he eat his? Then a sandwich and cereal, right? It's beautiful, you did good.

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