Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Logitech Love

Dear Logitech,

Today I purchased a new mouse, your Wireless Mouse M310. Your heavy-duty scroll wheel is sure to endure the excessive use that comes from patrolling 150 blogs a day, unlike the dinky scroll wheel on my Apple mouse which appears to only excel at looking cool.

Also, you purport the M310 to have a 12-month battery life which is great because I hate changing batteries. I don't know why I hate changing batteries and will admit it's an odd thing to feel so fervently about, but I do.

I am totally cool with your "hip" urban design of black plastic featuring a scrollwork design that is already outdated. It would not be my first pick, but it was the only option in its size and hey, everyone's late to the game sometimes, so I won't hold the graphic against you. To be honest, I think it's still kind of cool and the last thing I ever want to be is a design snob (except about the font Papyrus).

But the real cherry on top of this purchase is the "easy-open" perforations on the back of the plastic clamshell packaging. Because more than I hate changing batteries, I hate opening effing clamshell packaging. It always results in some sort of bodily injury and frustration similar to my attempts to play sports. So thank you. Please now consider me a fan. Go Team Logitech.

1 comment:

  1. My dinky new apple wheel is working just fine! However, I do not follow 150 blogs per day. Also, the box my apple mouse came in was--I gotta tell you--a little bit hard to get into and it didn't even involve clamshell packaging. But now I love it again.......I had forgotten the pure pleasure of scrolling. It's the little things, you know.