Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fraxel lasers, total technology WIN.

Not to be confused with geometric fractals which were such an awesome highschool discovery, the fraxel laser treatment is my latest awesome discovery. I knew after I turned 30 in January, that I wanted to start taking some anti-aging measures.

By anti-aging measures, I mean that I developed the strong desire to apply lasers to my face in an attempt to soothe my worried vanity and own fears about getting older. See, I am totally honest. :)

I'm not even going to get into a discussion about aging naturally or getting plastic surgery. Whatever floats your boat is awesome. My preference is a natural look. If it takes some help to get that look, I'm all for it. I spent my twenties smoking copious amounts of cigarettes, drinking way too much wine and beer and lying in the sun without sunglasses; I need the kind of help that does not come in cream form. And I'd rather start doing it now.

That being said, I got my first Fraxel laser treatment to my face last week and am so damn happy with my results after one treatment that I just had to write about it. I mean, if I can come up with a word that rhymes with Fraxel, I'll write a dang ode to the procedure. Here's why: For the past two years the previously "cute" smattering of freckles across my cheeks has been migrating together into two giant brown Pangaea islands right on the apples of my cheeks. I've been covering it with makeup but once I get out in the sun it immediately gets more noticeable and looks like I am really, really inexperienced in makeup choice. It's made me self-conscious to look like I always have dirt on my cheeks.

One of my girlfriends got the Fraxel and loved it and then my mom did it and loved it, so I hopped right onto that merry bandwagon. I *so* wish I had taken a before picture and an after. On the second day, the pigmented freckle island literally came to the surface of my skin and is now flaking off (which is totally more fascinating than gross) revealing shiny, pretty skin beneath. I took a nap for the hour and a half that the numbing cream was on my face and then the procedure took about 20 minutes. People have different pain thresholds and mine is pretty decent. I would say the procedure was uncomfortable but not miserable. I was still able to shoot the breeze with the technician doing the procedure. Apparently people do multiple fraxel treatments spaced months apart to get full benefits. I cannot friggin' wait for the next one.

I'm not going to go into all the details of Fraxel, but the idea is that it tightens pores and rejuvenates the skin, can eliminate some pigmentation and promotes collagen growth.

I will post some photos after my skin quits sloughing (<------totally disgusting word). I'll try to find a photo with my dirt cheeks so you all can see why I constantly got mistaken as a team member of the Bad News Bears.

*Please note that this post is my opinion and personal experience and should not be considered an endorsement or anything other than a personal opinion. Full disclosure: my father has been a practicing plastic surgeon for 30 years. I had my fraxel treatment at his skin health center, performed by his certified technician who is one of the nicest ladies I've ever met and lets me bitch about Minnesota weather even though she used to live there and walked to college in the dead of winter carrying her typewriter. I am a lucky, lucky girl to have a wonderful and skilled father and to have access to treatments like the Fraxel procedure. I have never one moment forgotten that. Okay, well, except in my teens when I thought both of my parents were idiots and so totally boring that I wondered why they even bothered sucking in a breath.

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