Thursday, January 21, 2010

Full House

Reason #582 I love my husband, his random singing forays into TV sitcom theme songs (skip to the bottom if you want, 'cause I get long-winded fast):

Last night, we were doing our usual routine of eating dinner and watching TV. We watch really bad TV. Stereotypically, one might think an artsy type and a doctor would enjoy a fine meal at their dining room table before retiring to a den to watch the History or National Geographic channel whilst smoking a pipe (me) and darning socks (him). Nah. Philip heats up a Lean Cuisine with a side of apple, peanut butter and cheese (marble monterey and colby jack ONLY--it's his equivalent of "no wire hangers!") and I make something on my F(l)at Belly Diet Plan.

Once we situate our $7 IKEA lack tables in our preferred positions--his within an inch of the couch, mine with a good foot of breathing room between it and the couch--we proceed to expand our minds with such shows as:

1. Jersey Shore (our top pick. Favorites: Snookie, Pauly D and Vinnie. Sammi is a perma-funbuster. Also, we're considering sending "The Situation" a birthday card when he turns 53 this year. Why does he look so old!)
2. Tough Love (least favorite: Jen. If she had a nickle for every time she talked about how she used to be fat, she could get a lifetime supply of Jenny Craig)
3. The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love (Philip watches every season, but I just started back with this one. Favorites: Philips really, really likes Gia. It has everything to do with her winning personality and nothing to do with her sensual, pillowy lips that subtly curve upward in a manner that could only be described as beckoning. I think Rozlyn got shafted and falsely accused for ratings purposes. I really, really disliked Michelle and am glad she is gone. As Philip remarked, she's a bunny boiler.)
4. Frank the Entertainer (We heart Annie)

From there, we split up:

1. Grey's Anatomy (Very early on in our relationship, he was actually concerned that we get back in time to see the finale)
2. Nip/Tuck (He has a thing for shows that have jumped the shark, I guess)

1. Hoarders (Signs of things to come?)
2. The Tudors (love anything historical and bawdy. Henry the VIIIth had it in spades)
3. Any court-based show (I have no idea why. I really loved The People's Court, but we don't get it here.)

Anyway, we had just finished watching an episode of The Bachelor* when Philip randomly busted out the Full House theme song. HE STILL KNOWS ALL OF THE WORDS. Maybe I should amend that because I was just as impressed by the fact HE KNOWS ALL OF THE WORDS in the first place, much less has carried them through medical school and residency--no doubt, as he might say, replacing some particularly useful bit of knowledge about how to save a life. Further, I think he even did the shooby-du-wop-wop-ohh at then end. There is one of those at the end, right? Never at any point in my life have I known all the words to a theme song. I am just not one of those kinds of people (more on that some other time). But he is. It was awesome. I looked at him in his blue scrubs and mussed hair with love in my heart. You know what else is lovely about him: had we found an episode of Full House on the tube right then he would have watched it with me even though he should study for his upcoming test.

See husband, I can write a nice one!

* why are these shows 2 hours? It starts to become a chore to get through it. Thank goodness for DVR

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