Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Designer's Block

I'd heard before that designing for one's self could be a nearly impossible task. I didn't believe it until this week. I've never had a problem designing things I like, per se, but being my own client has caused all manner of problems. First of all, I have too many ideas in my head: too many patterns, too many kinds of paper, too many kinds of printing techniques. I'm having trouble focusing. I was well on the way with one design but I had to put it aside for a month while I worked on other projects. I reopened the file last night and am now not sure I still like it. I'm too close to the project and am going to have to recruit some outside eyes (Philip, my sister's, my mom's and my mother-in-law's, to be more precise). They will have to be my proxies.

In the meantime, I have finally decided to leave my current job. Most people know that it wasn't a job that I particularly enjoyed (to be diplomatic about it), and I am glad to be moving on.

Philip just started a new 7-week rotation with a world-renowned surgeon with a world-renowned temper. He is currently just trying to avoid being knocked out (as said surgeon did to a former intern).

We are getting really, really excited to come back to Alabama for our engagement party and photo session. Especially because it is July and grey and 62 degrees here. Give me humidity and heat over this completely lame excuse for a summer anyday. How people make a life up here and actually enjoy it is a true mystery to this Southern girl. We look forward to seeing the sun, old friends and sweating!

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