Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Things I Put Him Through

He really, really did not want to do this, but he did it anyway, for me I suppose (look at how he's even got his leg bent like I asked. Friends, that is true love!). I wanted a few reference photos so I could make sure I got our silhouettes right on the website. It was really hot in his apartment and the complex had not turned on the air conditioning yet. Philip really, really, really hates being hot. So, in order to not set off a volcano, I thought it best to just let him pose in relative comfort. Dodo got jealous and wanted in on the action, green harness and all. Laughs were had by all (well, except Dodo. She didn't laugh, but she sneezed quite a bit and snorted a few times, which I figure is close enough).

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