Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh Nobel Beast

Well, I've been pretty quiet over here, letting this blog languish in favor of regularly updating Benign Objects. That doesn't mean I'm lazy, though. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I'm too busy trying to plan my wedding, design several invitations and get my own thing going regarding stationery and invitation design. It's good busy, though. Today, my mom and my wedding planner extraordinaire (and good friend!) Madeline made some serious progress in terms of picking out linens and other wedding details.

In the process of planning the wedding, I've gone from glamorous to rustic and have probably driven everyone crazy. My colors have changed several times and I still haven't picked out bridesmaid dresses! But we're moving along.

However, the main point of this post is to show off my new purchase, a Canon Digital Rebel 12.1 MP camera. After slaving for a month over the Save the Dates and before I sent them off in their hand-lined envelopes to destinations all over the United States, I wanted them to be well-documented with a real-deal camera. This camera is awesome. Right off the bat the shots were wonderful. Some say that photography has become one of the few artistic arenas in which the equipment can make up for lack of natural talent. I'm a believer. Look at these shots I took of my dog in my dark living room in the late afternoon. And I haven't even read the manual yet. Psh! Man, look at Dosia, she almost looks elegant. One might easily overlook her sewer-rat tail and wiry back hair.

Oh noble, noble beast.

The one of the daisies was also taken in my living room. They're fake, of course.

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  1. Um. I misspelled noble. In the heading no less. Wow. What has my journalism background come to?