Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

Who cares about the rest of the wedding, it's the invitations that count! Kidding, of course. But I must admit that as a designer, I am completely ecstatic to design my own wedding invitations. There are a lot of difficulties that come along with designing for yourself, though. Usually you present the client with three options (all of which you like, hopefully) and leave the hard part up to them. When designing for yourself there seem to be endless options and ideas. The more I look around for inspiration, the more confused I get. I can count three nights so far that I've gone to bed and then have had to turn the light on and jot down an idea. However, I have had a vague outline of what I think I want in my head from the beginning. And, although every designer I've ever met will tell you that your first idea is usually worthless, I don't think that completely applies to wedding invitations. So, I think something will come together eventually.

Ooh, I might have come up with another solution. Maybe Philip can serve as the "client" and pick an invite. He's on a brutal rotation right now (goes in at 5 am, gets done at noon the next day, literally doesn't sit down, eat or sleep for the entirety of 30 hours. BUT HEY, HE'S GAINING VALUABLE EXPERIENCE. I tell myself that in an attempt to assuage the growing desire to burn the hospital down when I see how overwrought he is), so he hasn't been able to offer much input thus far. Plus he's a guy and, despite the modern age, I think they still view wedding planning as mostly a long, drawn out nuisance.

Anyway, these invitations from Pretty Handsome Paper are gorgeous. I love the delicacy of the line and scroll work and the elegant, antique feel. I will not be having the traditional, plain calligraphy invitation on 500 million-bazillion pound stock. There are so many unique invitation solutions out there today, I think it's a shame to spend an insane amount of money on something that doesn't reflect anything other than good penmanship. Okay, I'm stepping off the soapbox now.

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