Friday, January 9, 2009

Delicious Handbags

I came across these handbags by Nelle at a recent Minneapolis event supporting local women in business. Nelle makes the most beautiful works of art; it's hardly fitting to simply call them handbags. She has a great eye for color and shape, creating juicy visual feasts with every pleat and stitch. The bags are not unreasonably priced and would make a great accessory or gift for bridesmaids. The bag on the bottom might be the perfect accent to my dress (whichever one I end up choosing).

So I didn't buy a Nelle handbag at the event. Instead, I bought this yellow Gab laptop bag by Urban Junket. It's one of the best purchases I've made. It's a convertible bag so it can hold my laptop or, with a few snaps, it takes on the shape of a purse. It was well-worth the price tag, though I got mine majorly discounted at the event. The shape is so chic and I adore the variety of colors and the wool back.

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