Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been very bad at updating this site over the past week and a half, but with good reason. I have been working on some wedding and engagement invitations for a few friends. They've kept me so busy that I haven't even started on mine! In addition, I'm building a website to promote and sell my stationery designs. While I'm at it, I've decided I need to rebuild into a more user-friendly and easily updatable site.

Wedding-wise, we are slowly progressing. I have decided on a dress, at least. Our wedding venue situation has been a little sticky. Originally, Philip and I wanted to get married at First Presbyterian, the church that we attended growing up. Unfortunately, our religious views have progressed and expanded, and the church's have remained mired in the solemnity typically associated with Southern Presbyterians. Apparently they don't smile upon the idea of a wedding being a celebration with celebratory music. In fact, I am starting to doubt that they even encourage smiling at all. For them, a wedding is just another worship service. We were already having issues with the music selection, so when the person on the phone started talking about a corporate God, I knew we were done. I have faith that the higher power I believe in will not take offense when I say that the last thing I am going to subject people to is another dour worship service. I paid my dues by sitting through many a church service as a kid, drawing tooting angels blithely clasping harps in spite of the vitriolic cloud puffing from their rear and trying to get my sister to laugh so she would get in trouble, and I'm done. Okay, I might have another angel drawing in me, but I don't know that I can sit through another Presbyterian service.

I found out today that Holmes Avenue United Methodist Church will welcome us, our music choices and whatever else we fancy. The church is not as beautiful as First Presbyterian, but we also don't have to worry that a scowl is going to fly off someone's face during the ceremony and attack us into subdued piety like a wayward Jesus bat or something.

Until next time...

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